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Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Free cams tokens On MYfreecams sites like MFC

Free tokens on myfreecams (MFC)

by popular demand A working MFC referral link that will give free tokens when new account is registered and 200 tokens when account is funded here is the link.

How To get Free tokens on MyFreeCams (MFC) using a promotional referral link

So here it is. A working MFC referral link that gives the free tokens when registering / funding a new account.

Working promotional Free token MFC link . That WILL give the free tokens.

(you may need to clear cookies before clicking link if you recently visted mfc)

Now a good link may not be easy to find.  There are many sites claiming to give free tokens but check carefully because many are just dummy sites pointing to spamware and spyware. The real working referral links will be a*** address..

One site that claims to give free tokens actually sends you to a spam site where you must click multiple links fill out surveys and then eventually it sends you a file that is nothing more then spamwire. The site claims that free tokens will be magically transfered into your account by this program. Now this would be very popular if it was true but of course if it sounds to good to be true. it probably is.

You may also find many promotional referral links such as the one above that no longer give free tokens. This is because most of the links out there on the web have been spammed on chatrooms and newsgroups and no longer work.

This link will continue to be valid because it is not being spammed anywhere and only being posteed here due to high demand and requests from multiple people.

It is also recommended to clear cookies before clicking the link, due to the fact that if you havge already recently logged into mfc it may not consider you a new member.

enjoy the link here it is one more time How to get Myfreecams Free tokens.

You will receive 200 free tokens when Funding the account. And potentially 20 tokens for just registering a basic account. although this is subject to certain restrictions and guidelines you may or may not receive the 20 tokens. However You will receive at least 200 tokens when registering the premium account. for FREE just for registering.