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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Free Live Real Girls Webcams no email required

How to get Free Live Girls on cam with no email verification

You may have heard about "live cam" adult websites before. But what you probably didn't know is that with the increase in competition between these live webcam or Free cam to cam sites. it is now possible to get access to these live adult webcams totally and 100% FREE!. It is one of the most well thought out business models of all time. You get to sign in for FREE and see all the cam models. YES FREE! FREE CAM GIRLS! With absolutely no cost! and no Email or verification required. Yet you can SIGN IN

Let's get to the free cam site's starting with chaturbate

Chaturbate is the newest top adult webcam site. Chaturbate has only been around for a little over 1 year. But with the rate of growth in members that they have seen, chaturbate has nearly as many registered members as much older websites such as myfreecams and flirt4free. Chaturbate's member base has gone from just over 1 million members to nearly 5 million members in less then 6 months time. There are 2 main reasons chaturbate is the fastest growing and most popular top adult webcam sites.

  1. Chaturbate has made it rediculously easy for members to broadcast their cam. Requiring only a user name, password, and date of birth to login, Watch, or broadcast your webcam. That means that anybody can log in and broadcast their cam to the world. So it's not hard to see why their are so many free hardcore public shows. masturbation on cam and live sex cams for no charge. 
  2. Chaturbate's 100% free model has allowed for such a rate of growth in members. That even though their are many totally live sex cams you can watch for free. and Girls that will watch your cam and do free cam to cam. The demand for working cam models has actually increased. Many people actually prefer to be able to tip girls. have private sessions and pay money for these in the form of tokens. 
So, even though it is completely free and no verification required to broadcast your cam. There is actually a shortage of verified cam models on chaturbate. It's not hard for a cam girl to get 1000 people in her chatroom. In fact some of the top girls on the site and easily many of the couples cam shows have seen over 6000+ members in the chat room at one time. With 6000 members in your room as a verified model you can make quite a bit of money i saw one couple charging 6000 tokens per goal or about 600 dollars and they were clearing another goal every 2 hours or so.

Of course with the free 100% no verification model with it comes some disadvantages such as their are many free cam loading members known as "the greys" (from the grey color in their name). But chaturbate has combatted this with added moderation features for models such as tipping scripts that may silence or allow certain people or groups to speak in the chat room automatically. And also allowing the model to designate members of the chatroom as moderators. Mods can keep control of the room by silencing, kicking, or banning other members of the chatroom.  and one feature that is unique to chaturbate moderators is that they can remove another members message in the chatroom after it has been sent. leaving no trace of a member that was trying to troll or cause trouble.

That being said if you don't think chaturbate is the right choice for you just check out the live free cam at the top of this blog and see what you think. try chatting or show your cam back...

 What's that you havn't tried cam to cam yet? or watched a live sex cam show before.. Hold on the 90's just called they want their tube video porn sites and member pay sites back.